Mint Tea & Rosewater



Established in 2001, Mint Tea & Rosewater is Sydney’s leading boutique catering and events company.  Led by Ingrid Rihani, Mint Tea & Rosewater has 20 years’ experience catering for Sydney’s discerning elite.

With an unmatched reputation for excellence and utmost discretion, Mint Tea & Rosewater caters for Sydney’s most exclusive corporate boardrooms, VIP’s and A list celebrities.

Mint Tea & Rosewater regularly cater for Australia’s prominent media networks, and foodie scene, including launches for Masterchef, The Voice and The Chef’s Line.

Mint Tea & Rosewater has appeared in Delicious Magazine, Vogue Entertaining, Gourmet Traveller, Home Living, and House and Garden.

Executive Chef, Ingrid Rihani, studied Fine Arts and Design at COFA, UNSW, and then completed her classical culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney. As a graduated Cuisine and Patisserie Chef, Ingrid worked in hatted restaurants before starting Mint Tea & Rosewater in 2001. She now leads a creative team of chefs and events specialists.

With a strong focus on hospitality, Mint Tea & Rosewater tailors all menus individually to bring the clients’ vision to life. The food is artistic, clean, fresh and elegant. Service is friendly and impeccable.

Our team is honoured to help celebrate life’s defining moments and understands the fleeting nature of these events. With creativity, care and personal attention we always strive to exceed expectations.


Mint Tea & Rosewater draws much of its inspiration from the generosity and ceremony of Moroccan hospitality. In a land of scents and flavours, where cooking is an act of love and eating is a refined art, it is not uncommon for a hostess to spend a week preparing a suitable feast for her guests. Hospitality is at the heart of Morocco.

Both “mint tea” and “rosewater” are integral parts of Moroccan hospitality. No social nor business exchange is complete without a steaming glass of fragrant mint tea. No feast nor ceremony is complete without rosewater sprinkled over the fingers of guests as a mark of graciousness and welcome.

The seductive aroma of freshly brewed mint and the intensely fragrant perfume of rosewater are impermanent, but their beauty lasts forever in your memory.

Due to the fleeting nature of special occasions, Mint Tea & Rosewater is devoted to providing a glorious and magical feast for the senses, which long after the last glass is cleared will stay forever rosy in your memory.

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